Supplier Invoice Approval

Digital Invoice is the New Normal

Supplier invoice are usually converted into a digital format before e-mailing it to the “Head Of Department” (HOD) for approval.

This “Supplier Invoice Approval” (SIA) utilize this opportunity to add a ‘Workflow Approval Matrix’ which allows unlimited ‘approver’ or “Auto-routing” by dollar value on the invoice.

These supplier invoices are stored centrally for quick retrieval, either for reference or for audit purposes.

Ultimately, all supplier invoice will be automatically upload all approved invoice for payment into SunSystems.

Support Remote Working Environment

How can Supplier Invoice Approval help?

Advantages of Supplier Invoice Approval

  • Workflow Approval Matrix

    Users can create unlimited workflow approval matrix. The workflow path can automatically route by the amount of the invoice.

  • Dynamic Dimension Allocation

    Allows the item cost to be allocated to the SunSystems Analysis Code [e.g. Department or Project].

  • Allocation by Percentage

    Allows allocated item to split the cost further, either automatically by fixed percentage or manual Invoice Amount.

  • Export Data to csv

    All approved Invoice will be exported to csv and easily integrate with other software such as SunSystems.