eUser Audit

When it is time for your annual audit, chances are there will be intense scrutiny placed on your access controls. SunSystems User Access Audit provides you with a solution that will help abate the stressed that comes with combing through pages and pages of data. It is an extensive user identity audit solution that ensures the compliance of necessary company mandates. SunSystems User Access Audit is designed with efficiency in mind, with one click of a button watch as audit reports are generated so that you can analyse and act upon quickly. Don’t wait till it is audit season, start today with SunSystems User Access Audit.


  • Web-based solution
  • Reports generated help create an audit trail
  • Makes monthly identity audit possible


  • Reports generated in PDF to prevent any tampering with data
  • All reports generated are stored in a secure location


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Data extracted from SunSystems
  • Real time synchronisation with SunSystems for accuracy
  • In- house report generation
  • Secure

Fraud Prevention

  • Reinforce company mandates
  • Real-time synchronisation of all employees and their assigned access privileges
  • Data presented in clear tabulated format that will highlight any discrepancies


  • Discourages fraud and hacking
  • Reduces administrative costs
  • Improves efficiency
  • Negates human error

Reports Generated

  • Individual user identity audit:
    • Privilegeduser activity and user logon attempt
    • Individual user access and history log
  • Group access user identity audit:
    • Data access group and user access
    • Group access log by individual groups or operator groups