Entry Management System (EMS)

'easy-to-use' Mobile recording device

Revolutionise your business in the era of digital transformation

Entry Management System (EMS) is a mobile recording device created to help companies manage the movement of employees and suppliers in the office. EMS allows people who are working remotely to self-administer their movement and temperature recording. This ‘easy-to-use’ software allows recording of entry/exit, date/time, with different security level. A report can be generated and viewed via mobile devices or be printed for filing and auditing purposes. Employees who are working from remote work environments have the ability to self check-in and check-out.

As we enter the era of digital transformation and going paperless, the software will eliminate the need to input data manually, improving your business productivity.


Features of Entry Management System


Mobile Temperature Recording

A paperless system to record your temperature entry on the go without a need for the submission of hard copy forms. The information will be updated automatically without the need to upload any logs.


Easy Report Generation

Report can be generated via the mobile or web-based platforms in one simple click for audit and record-keeping purposes. Available formats include CSV and PDF, which enables fast export and printing.


Real-time Monitoring of Participant's Entry & Exit

The Entry & Exit data are securely stored in the cloud server. Managers can monitor the attendance of participants at a given venue to prevent overcapacity. The information can be wirelessly accessed anywhere and at any time of the day.


GPS Location Monitoring (optional)

Optional GPS location-tracking is available to monitor employees' work locations whether they are in the office, on-site or working from home. This ensures that the employees are in the range of their reported work locations when checking in and out for security purposes.

How can Entry Management System benefit your business?


Suitable for different
suites of businesses

The EMS software is designed for businesses across various industries, but can also be customised to suit your business needs.


Increase productivity with
the digital path

As part of efforts to go digital and be paperless, this software reduces the labour for manual entry and compilation of data. Staff can better optimise their workload and increase the overall business productivity.


Affordable &

The EMS is available at an affordable subscription rate. Businesses do not need to need to commit to hefty purchases of the software, accompanied with high maintenance costs over years.