Employee Expense Management

Intuitive Expense Management

Intuitive Expense Management

Say hello to the new Employee Expense Management, a revolutionary new solution for employee expense claim management. It is a web-based solution for your company to easily reimburse your employees for expenses incurred on behalf of the company.

Seamless Configuration


Digitizing Claims

Expense claims can be a hassle for both employees and management. The old method of submitting hard copy claims can be tedious and takes a long time to process. Make the switch to e-Claims and be amazed at how quick and streamlined claims process can be.

E-claims is a web-hosted solution that brings the whole process online and it does not require any installation. With an easy-to-use interface, E-Claims Solution makes access simple for both employees and management. After a quick setup, employees and management will be access into the system from their desktops and upload or approve claims.

Simplified Process

Utilising E-Claims, the process is streamlined into 3-steps. You simply log into E-Claims; complete the details of your claim such as the date, description and the cost of the claim on the annotated fields and upload your receipt. All receipt can be uploaded via the file feature; you just simply take a picture or scan a copy of your receipt and click save.

E-Claims clearly lists all your claims for the particular month and makes it possible for you to go back into your claims and make edits before submission. When you are satisfied with the claims, just select them and click on the submit feature and watch as all your claims get submitted in one go. After submission, an email will then be sent to both the employee and management to indicate that a claim has been put in.

Prevent Fraud

With E-Claims, your company can effectively enforce and monitor company expenditure policies. It can also help mitigate the potential for fraud as each expenditure claim is now clearly presented chronologically and any inquiries regarding any receipt can be immediately questioned and answered.

Results Guaranteed

In this digital age, it is necessary to invest in solutions that will enable you to reap its rewards. With E-Claims Intuitive Expense Management, you can see a return on your investments within 10-12 months. The benefits includes:

  • Quicker approval timing
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction in carbon footprint

E-Claims Solution allows you to have everything and more at the palm of your hands.

Now that’s innovation.